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"Upon the education of the people of this country the fate of this country depends."
Benjamin Disraeli

Below are examples of technology initiatives from colleges, organizations and schools, all with active links). E-portfolios have been created by educators and students with NO cost and with No software. Visit them below

Website Aspects

College Department
Touro College:
Graduate School of Education
Create a website which:
  • Posts course syllabi
  • Links to standards and research articles
  • Registration forms
  • Forms which collect information on schools wishing practicum students
  • Create web pages for directors and deputy chairs at various site Locations.
  • Create a distinct domain names for each site, allowing students to access a specific administrator's web page.
  • Post meetings.
  • Create e-portfolio sites for each requesting teacher
  • Develop pre-defined e-portfolio domain names allowing intuitive website searching.
NYC Task Force for Quality Inclusive Education
- A NYS supported initiative
Create a site which:
  • Posts a mission
  • Posts a list of members
  • Links for partner college, city and state websites.
  • Links for parents and administrators.
  • Make available a booklet on Inclusive Education practices
  • Make available appropriate grants
P. S. 193 Q Link:
  • Links to teacher email
  • Faculty notes
  • School calendar
  • NYCDOE documents required reading
  • Multiple images of the school and activities
  • email addresses of administration
  • posting of events (plays, graduation, parent-teacher nights.
Satellite Academy H.S. (NYCDOE) Link:
  • In School - stet up the server so that Internet does not go out
  • Establish a naming system (server architecture) for students and staff which allows teachers to search on ALL student files and folders
  • Create a website in house for student portfolios. Portfolios can have video and pictures since it is ALL in house and NOT viewable from the outside
  • Professional development in NYCDOE email, creating digital lessons, saving files, printing student portfolios,
  • Mentor teachers in the computer lab with their students. Train staff and students together.
  • Post forms for staff (Per session, trip, reimbursement, etc.
  • Create an Internet website will lessons viewable from outside school
New York City  City Hall Academy
  • Develop standard based lessons that can be delivered via Blackboard.
  • Design a website for content delivery.

Remnants of the site can be located at



New York City Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
New York City Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development


  • Develop a site for upcoming events
  • Show committee members
  • Show agenda
  • Show supporters


The Emaginatorium at a school
  • Kids lessons
  • Multiple stimulating activities
  • Great learning. Great fun.
  • Teacher lessons
  • Teacher and staff development

Hear K- 1 students ask for a computer

Educational Products Company
FensMath Inc.

Consultant to the CEO

  • Website design
  • Brochure design
  • Product development



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