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People should be free to find or make for themselves the kinds of educational experience they want their children to have.
John Holt

Professor  Daniel Stein

Touro College
Technology Advisor
Graduate Programs in
Education and Special Education

Below are tutorials for creating a FREE E-Portfolio website using Google Sites. If you are a student of Professor Stein's in either a "Live" or "Online", distance learning course format, you most probably have been asked to create your own E-portfolio site. Note that other instructors at Touro College, Marymount Manhattan College in NYC, Queensborough Community College, may ask you to use this method. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Please DO NOT become overwhelmed!
Help will be provided by classmates in Blackboard (typically in either a BB Discussion Board Forum E-portfolio or by asking questions in BB Discussion Board FAQ forum. In "Live" classes your professor and classmates will assist. Video conference can be arranged with Professor Stein as well ( very cool).

Where do you start when you heart stops racing!!!!! start to read below:
Four IMPORTANT items:
1. My style is in alignments with
When teaching, light a fire, don't fill a bucket. by Dan Snow
2. Any parent can tell you the first few words their child speaks and then is amazed at the proliferation of vocabulary "a Creative Burst" and might say "where did they learn this" So it is with e-portfolio. Here we teach a few basics in the beginning to get you started. How to create a gmail in the correct form, then new pages page, then headings and dual columns, even add video and images. Then you are on your own ,then copy paste headings and then we wait for that "Creative Burst".
3- SAFETY IS MOST important we teach the IAUP of NYC. This states what is allowed ( albeit from NYC DOE) and discusses what a professional site should have and NOT have. on it.
4. You are the owner of your site and have total responsibility for what is on it. You can delete the site at any time as you can any video or image you have placed on it. Advising your supervisors that you have a site, conforming to the NYC DOE Internet Acceptable Use Policy (IAUP) and District and School policies is vital for your acceptance and success.

Our Objective: Use e-portfolio safely to demonstrate your educational prowess in a professional manner, to land that position or promotion, communicate with colleagues and students in a professional approved manner.

I am pleased to show you an excellent example of a student site:
schools.webhop.org/touromdavis1 or visit
Schools.webhop.org/touroportfolios faculty and student sites

Note that student.webhop.org and faculty.webhop.org also work in addition to schools.webhop.org

STEP 1- Create a NEW Gmail Account and complete the form below.

1.  First you will need a to create a NEW Gmail - FREE  account (see below) at Gmail.com in a specific format. It is important to know that the email is not intended to be used for email but rather to create a website, upload documents, show video and so much more. Your NEW Gmail address is the key to  new world on the Internet.

Directions for Touro College - Students and Staff:
Create a gmail account in the form
An example for John Doe would be
tourojdoe@gmail.com -INACTIVE LINK (note no ".", caps or spaces).
IMPORTANT: During the creation process at gmail you will be asked to supply an alternate email address.
abriteguy@aol.com -INACTIVE LINK
In this way I will automatically receive confirmation that your account was created.

To create a new gmail account please go to
www.gmail.com and choose "Sign-up for Gmail" and follow directions.

AFTER creating the above account please complete the following Online Form
Touro Gmail Accounts and Student Information Form for ALL E-portfolios

NOTE: E-portfolios for students and staff are also being used at several other colleges.
Please substitute the college prefix for "touro" in the following directions.

qcc - Queesnborough Community College
mmm -
Marymount Manhattan College
fordham -
Fordham University

Prof. Stein will typically ask you to convey NEW account information via the online class form, so that he can assist you.
VIDEO TUTORIAL- Create Your E-Portfolio Gmail account

STEP 2- Create your E-portfolio site ...Your e-portfolio site will be the same as the first part of your NEW Gmail account created above

If your name is Ronald Lehrer
Your gmail would be tourorlehrer@gmail.com
When creating your site enter tourorlehrer (make sure you do NOT include @gmail.com)
VIDEO TUTORIAL- Create your e-portfolio site (at google sites)

STEP- 3. What would be my Domain? When I create my e-portfolio site how can others view it?
After creating a site ( step 2 above) you may ask others to view your site from anywhere in the world!

It would be located at schools.webhop.org
For Students and Faculty schools.webhop.org/add the first part of your gmail address (do not include the @gmail.com)

If your name is Ronald Lehrer (Note Dr. Ronald Lehrer)
His gmail would be tourorlehrer@gmail.com
The site he created is tourorlehrer (make sure you do NOT include @gmail.com)
You can view the site you just created at http://schools.webhop.org/tourorlehrer . This is his domain!

VIDEO TUTORIAL- Create your Domain

View the new power you will soon acquire in communicating with your future students, their parents and your colleagues by viewing some of the e-portfolio teaching sites created by former students of  Professor Stein. This can be viewed on the Tech Showcase of Dr. Ronald Lehrer, Associate Dean of Education at Touro College. His website is Lehrerx.webhop.org.

STEP 4- What should and should NOT go on a site?
Watch the IAUP video below and read/review NYC IAUP
If you are a student of Professor Stein you have by now completed an Assignment IAUP. In this assignment you review the Internet Acceptable Use Policy for NYC DOE. It is important to know what should be on your site and pages (i.e. your name and title and some contact information). What should NOT be on the site pages (i.e. Copyrighted material, student pictures without official media release forms).

VIDEO TUTORIAL-  IAUP - Internet Acceptable Use Policy

STEP 5- Get Creative!
Here is where it gets difficult....because you can go in many directions to accomplish many goals.
I have created Tutorials below. Also click help when you are on your site to view help from Google. LINK TO GOOGLE HELP

If you are a student of Professor Stein you are asked to both help and compete with classmates to create the BEST Teaching SIte with videos of others, your own video lessons and MORE....

Many will want to:

  • add graphics to a page,

  • create new pages, add links (where you click a word and it takes you someplace or opens a file),

  • Embed video from Youtube.com (so that the video appears on your page but really it is located on youtube.com so that you do NOT OWN IT), and MORE...
    For a sample of embedded video use the links below

  • Dr. Ronald Lehrer's page on Differentiated Instruction

I have created some tutorials below, which you might find helpful.

5.4. Create a web site domain- A website address location in the format
schools.webhop.org/first part of your gmail account
   Dan Stein at Touro will have the following Domain Address schools.webhop.org/tourodstein

5. Create your site - The site name MUST be the first part of your Gmail account

6. Add features (i.e. images, documents, links, themes etc.) by watching the video tutorials below.

Coming soon - a rubric for your e-portfolio site


Video Tutorials

For Professor Stein's Students

Create Gmail (epcreategmailaccount.swf) 1- Create a Course Specific Gmail Account in the form
school code + first letter of first name + last name
Example Dan Stein at each participating school

NOTE: THESE ARE NOT Professor Stein's frequented email addresses!

Touro College tourodstein@gmail.com (This format for professors and students)
Marymount Manhattan
Queensborough Community -

IMPORTANT: During Gmail account creation you will be asked for an alternate email address. Please enter abriteguy@aol.com, to allow professor stein to be alerted that you have created an account.

If there is account difficulty being adding a following "2" or "3" with no spaces.

Create Your Site (epcreatesite.swf) Professor Stein's students are asked to create the name of their site IDENTICAL with the first part of their gmail address.
Touro College
tourodstein@gmail.com  Name your site - tourodstein
Marymount Manhattan
mmmdstein@gmail.com Name your site - mmmdstein
Queensborough Community -
qccdstein@gmail.com Name your site - qccdstein
Introduction (epintro.swf) An Introduction to e-portfolios with Google Sites
Login to Your Site and Upload Document (epuploaddocument.swf) How to Login to your site and upload a document to a page.
Touro Tech Showcase (eptechshowcase.swf) View the new power you will soon acquire in communicating with your future students, their parents and your colleagues by viewing some of the e-portfolio teaching sites created by former students of  Professor Stein. This can be viewed on the Tech Showcase of Dr. Ronald Lehrer, Associate Dean of Education at Touro College. His website is Lehrerx.webhop.org.
IAUP (epiaup.swf) WARNING- E-portfolios websites are a POWERFUL tool. Students and Professors alike are asked to review the NYC Internet Acceptable Use Policy which alerts all of what to place and more importantly what  NOT to place on a webpage! ( i.e. copyright law) Furthermore students are asked to alert school administration BEFORE sharing their E-portfolio with students or parents. It is wise to abide by the wishes of school administrators).
Create your domain (url)
Create a Domain so that ALL can access your website.

If you created a gmail account tourodstein then the site we wish to create should be on the Internet at http://schools.webhop.org/tourodstein

We need to create a web page on the internet at the above location

Watch as I show you how to do this for a student at Touro College.

When you are finished IF you are correct... You will have a website address (domain) that you can access from any ONLINE computer.

If you have done the above correctly you can immediately view and give others access to view your site from anywhere in the world!!!!!!!! Try your domain....

Let others see what you have on the Internet by giving them your URL (domain) on the Internet. This will be your website address!

schools.webhop.org/ + first part of your gmail account


gmail account

Website address ( URL/Domain Name)

tourodstein@gmail.com schools.webhop.org/tourodstein
qccbobama@gmail.com schools.webhop.org/qccbobama

Touro College tourodstein@gmail.com - NOTE: THIS IS NOT Professor Stein's frequented email but rather a way to obtain a website e-portfolio


Themes and Layout (epthemelayout.swf)  
Add Image (epaddimage.swf)  
Add Links (epaddlinks.swf)  
Add New Page and Navigation
Add a New Page and add it to your navigation side bar
Add File Cabinet Page (epfilecabinet.mp4) Create a Different Kind of web page. Here you can upload your files ( assignments, lessons, etc.) and organize them.
Remember ALL may be able to see your documents and that SPACE is limited!
Sample Sites (epsamplesites.swf) Get ideas for your e-portfolio by looking at those of classmates

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