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My Favorite Math Links (linksmath.htm)

Site Description
NYC Math Standards By grade and topic
NYC Math Assessment Test information
*Visual Math Learning**   A very good site for learning about math topics for yourself, or children, K - 12 .   Offers children to adults opportunities to learn and practice a wide range of topics in a visual way.  Go to the Introduction first and take the time to learn how to operate the pages.  Contact the author if you find any errors.
Aplusmath: Flashcard online  flashcards, games, worksheets
Huntington Learning Center: Math Flash You can download a math game children can play on your computer.
SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator large variety of subjects for the primary grades
Welcome to SBGMath K to gr.6, for homeschooling and teachers.  Offers lessons with activity sheets to print.
dansmath - lessons page - basic skills Here's a reference page for adults.  Contains definitions and examples for a lot of simple arithmetic topics.     Help with intermediate math too.
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Advice for parents on developing thought and skill in math.  Teachers might benefit too.
Math Activities A multi award winning site with something for everyone.  K to gr.8 at least.
Elementary - High School Math Resources: Activities, Games, Worksheets, Online Activities, etc. charts and pdf files.  Mostly links.
Math Games As it says, a site with many online games for children.
NLVM Pre-K - 2 Manipulatives From the Utah State University.  Offers a great many online teaching activities for young children.  Choose one and click on the parent/teacher button on the top.
I'm sure there's much more on this site that I didn't have time to look at.
Interactive Mathematics Activities Many online activities.
Teachers First Resource Listings Advice for teachers and parents on teaching many math topics.
Applets for Teachers Many online activities.   From UK.  Wait a bit for the first to start.
Interactive maths - Flash Cards Timed online drills and activities from the UK.
Mental Arithmetic Drills Simple timed online drills.  (Mac users,  Open Apple + r to reload.)
Free Math Worksheets from the Kid's Page Archive 99 Free printable math worksheets for preschool through 5th grade,  and much more.
Skill in Arithmetic, Table of contents - -- A complete course in arithmetic Teaches parents and teachers as well as provides a unique way of practicing for children.
PrimaryPaths Opens to a set of links to activities on other sites, but you may want to explore the other pages.
FUNFORMS Challenging use of tally marks in a unique way. 
** Requires Power Point for "Windows" users.   Mac users:  save to disk as .pps file and then it should open if you have Power Point for Mac (it was made for OS 9).
Room 108 - Math Games Many, many games and activities for Primary Children.   Part of an extensive and helpful  primary website created by a Grade One teacher,  Room 108 .
SMILE PROGRAM Hosted by the Illinois Institute of Technology -  An extensive site for Science and Mathematics (Arithmetic) for elementary and high school.
100 math sites best math sites from 2003

Math video lessons, with textbook lessons - GREAT
Science Lab COOL and FUN
Math Dictionary
shodor-interactive math
That Quiz - Math Test Activities
Math Resources
XP Math - Math Games,
Alphabet Geometry: Flips, Slide, Turn
TI Math activities
TI on line resources
Math Special Websites
teacher web
interactive Math websites
Interactive Math And Science Websites - SlideShare
math resources 
Primary Maths Interactive Games
SpaceTime Arcade - Free math and puzzle games
Math Portal: Home 
smart board lessons
Math: Flashcards, multiplication, fractions, conversions, measurement ...
power point games
thinkfinity (ed resource)
David Young - Educational Technology Portfolio & Resources (math activities)
Algebra and Pre-Algebra Worksheets(kutasoftware)
JMAP HOME - Math Regents Exams Integrated Algebra, Geometry ...
algebra regents homepage
Math Playground
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Funschool - Fun and Educational Games and Activities for Kids 
Pearson - Prentice Hall
Cool math 4 kids - math games, math puzzles, math lessons - designed for kids and fun! - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and Teachers 
Elementary/Intermediate Mathematics (nys tests)
BrainPOP - Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts & Music, Health, and Technology
Purplemath - Your Algebra Resource
Welcome to the Regents Exams -- Calculators, Lessons, and Worksheets
HS Math
Teaser puzzles at Just Riddles and More 
Math(on line activities) 
MSN Search coolmathforkids -- More Useful Everyday 
Factoring Quadratics Lesson - I 
Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center 
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics - More and better math for all students. 
EduSolution - Educational Resources for Teachers & Students(high school)
resource Mathematics Illuminated 
MISTM Math Portal 
4Teachers Home Page 
Math Goodies Free Interactive Math Lessons, Homework Help, Worksheets, Puzzles and Much More! 
Math Bits High School Math Resources 
resource Algebra In Simplest Terms 
Math Goodies Forums - Algebra 
resource Mathematics Assessment A Video Library, K-12
Kids' Place Houghton Mifflin Mathematics

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